The Six-Party Talks on the Iranian nuclear issue were held in Kazakhstan last week. Despite some new positive factors, it has proved difficult to make substantive breakthrough. The US and the EU imposed a new round of financial and energy sanctions against Iran in 2012. But Iran countered by developing new technologies. The US and Israel's military threats against Iran have triggered concerns about war from the outside world.Against this background, the mere resumption of talks is positive. Furthermore, each side sent more positive messages in the negotiations. Taking a softer stance,burberry-back, the Western powers stated they would partly lift sanctions if Iran agreed to stop uranium enrichment. The US has offered some goodwill gestures, since its strategic focus is shifting from Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region. US President Barack Obama hopes to peacefully settle the Iranian nuclear issue and stay away from Middle East,Louis Vuitton Outlet. Due to the ever toughening sanctions in 2012, Iran's oil exports underwent a slump,Soak the dried plums and hawthorn in water for 2-4 hours till soft. Iran hopes to ease tensions with the West before its presidential election in June. But important breakthroughs are still far off. Both sides are deeply suspicious of each other,Louis Vuitton Outlet. The West has imposed increasingly tougher sanctions on Iran and is arming its Gulf allies against it. Syria and Iran share common interests, so the Syrian crisis also has an impact. Besides,burberry on sale, the domestic political situation remains uncertain as Iran's elections are approaching. The Iran nuclear issue cannot be completely solved unless the root cause, US-Iran relations,Herm��s, is changed. The worsening and unsolved North Korean nuclear issue is the best example,17 PMTommy Stouffer. The US and other Western countries must abandon Cold War thinking and ideological bias. In addition, US should stop the hostility toward the Iranian government.North Korea's experience shows that the "carrot and stick" approach won't work. Now more and more people are beginning to reconsider the effects of unilateral sanctions. As Iranian leaders have emphasized, it is unrealistic to expect negotiations when the US is pointing a gun at Iran,Manu Tuilagi.In order to make progress in the talks and build trust, both ought to dialogue in equality and with sincerity. By emphasizing that diplomacy is the only way to solve the Iranian nuclear issue, and promoting talks and mediation for a long time,Coach Outlet, the Chinese government has played a positive role in pushing negotiations and easing tensions,louboutin shoes.The author is an associate researcher of Institute of West Asian and African Studies,, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.